Lift Sagging Skin with a Minimally-invasive Thread Lift

We are pleased to introduce the thread lift procedure at our Kansas City, Missouri, practice. The thread lift, using barbed Contour Threads™, has a niche for facial rejuvenation. It provides some subtle improvement for sagging facial appearance with very limited scarring, post-procedure healing, and risk.

This improvement in facial appearance is more dramatic than seen with Thermage®, but is not the equivalent of a facelift. A thread lift has only 20 to 30 percent of the effect a typical facelift provides. These non-absorbable clear sutures can be used to lift a low eyebrow position, raise cheeks and jowls, and tighten loose neck tissue. They are best suited for those in their thirties to fifties with early signs of aging.

For extensive changes in the facial appearance of older individuals with more advanced signs of age, a surgical facelift is required. The thread lift can be performed under a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic. Bruising and swelling following a thread lift usually lasts about five to seven days. The thread lift procedure is frequently combined with other procedures such as blepharoplastyliposuction, and laser procedures.

Thread lifts can be done years after a regular facelift for touch-up tightening in small areas of the face. This extends the effect of the surgical lift by several years.

Patients in their thirties to fifties can slow the effects of aging, regain a younger looking face, and delay the need for a facelift by treating the skin from the inside out. This is done by combining several modalities such as:

  • Thermage® to build new collagen that tightens and firms the face.
  • Thread lifts for tightening problem areas around the eyes, jowls, cheeks and neck.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial fillers for lines and facial fullness.
  • Laser and IPL to smooth out the complexion.
  • Use good skin care products, antioxidants, sunblocks, and retinoic acid to prevent new damage to the skin.

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