Refine Your Profile with Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty performed at our Kansas City, Missouri plastic surgery center refines the shape of the nose in a number of different ways – straightening, removing bumps, reshaping the tip, or reducing projection or length. Rhinoplasty can make a nose larger or smaller, refine the shape of the bridge, tip, or nostrils, and correct for crookedness, injuries, and breathing abnormalities that arise due to problems with the internal structures of the nose. Having rhinoplasty can increase your confidence and improve the balance and proportion of your face. The rhinoplasty procedure can be performed to produce either a dramatic change or more subtle enhancement. This level of customization makes rhinoplasty an extremely popular treatment choice among patients at our Kansas City practice.

For more information about rhinoplasty, please contact our cosmetic surgery center today. During your rhinoplasty consultation at our practice serving Kansas City and Liberty, Missouri, Dr. Thompson will meet with you to review your personal appearance goals and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for rhinoplasty.

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