Restore Youthful Contour with a Facelift

Facelift at our Kansas City, Missouri cosmetic surgery center is always customized to meet the unique needs of each patient. Facelift is a surgical procedure performed to tighten the lower face and neck. Sun exposure, weight fluctuation, and the natural aging process make skin loosen and sag, resulting in wrinkles and jowls. Aging also reduces certain areas of fat, such as on the sides of the chin and over the lateral cheek bone area; in other areas there is an increase of fat, such as under the chin (neck), jowls and along the nasolabial fold. These changes are addressed with a facelift. The facial skeleton also changes with aging leading to a larger orbit and retrusion of the maxilla (upper Jaw structure). Fat grafting can help camouflage these bony changes. The muscles on the neck can slacken, too, causing you to look years older than your real age. These muscles are sometimes sutured to create a tighter neck. Facelift smoothes wrinkles and folds to create a new youthful appearance.

Woman before facelift surgery  Woman after facelift surgery

To learn more about facelift at our Kansas City and Liberty, Missouri center, please contact our cosmetic surgery facility today to schedule a consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Thompson will determine if you are a candidate for facelift surgery and will help you understand the results you can expect to achieve through the facelift procedure.

Neck Lift

If the skin under your chin or on your neck has begun to slacken or sag, you might be a good candidate for a neck lift. Neck lift, performed at our Kansas City, Missouri, cosmetic surgery center, is a surgical method of removing excess fat and surplus skin from the neck and chin areas, and carefully lifting and tightening the remaining skin and underlying muscles. This procedure can reduce or eliminate the undesirable “turkey neck” look, and leaves your skin taught and toned.

Woman before necklift  Woman after necklift

To improve the appearance the of the face along with the neck, neck lift is often combined with a facelift at our Kansas City practice. To find out if neck lift or facelift is right for you, please contact Genesis Plastic Surgery in Kansas City, Missouri today!

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