Improve Your Proportions with Breast Augmentation

Would you like to replace the breast volume you have lost over the years, or improve that which has always been lacking? Your body, especially your breasts, changes throughout your life. Pregnancies or weight loss may lead to a deflated, fallen bust. A simultaneous size increase in the lower torso leads to a disproportionate figure.

Breast enlargement, either with implants or with fat grafting, may elevate and correct the volume deficit. Implants, either saline or the modern silicone gel, will reliably increase upper breast volume and provide a modest elevation of the nipple position. There is a broad selection of implant sizes and shapes for your consideration. The staff at Genesis will assist you to make sure that your selection fits your chest wall and breast envelope dimensions. 

A typical breast augmentation with implants takes about one to one and a half hours under a general anesthetic. Your total time at the surgical facility is about three hours to allow for a pre-op interview by anesthesia personnel and post-op recovery before going home. A long acting local anesthetic is placed during the surgery so you wake up without significant pain, although you may feel tightness. 

An alternative to implants for a natural breast enhancement is fat grafting. This type of augmentation can provide a modest increase in breast size. If a more dramatic increase in breast size is desired then implants are the best option. Fat grafting has the added benefit of removing the fat from an area of excess, so that one area is enlarged and the other is reduced.

Woman before breastk augmentation  Woman after breast augmentation

For more information on fat grafting breast enhancement or breast augmentation with breast implants at our Kansas City area surgery facility, please contact Genesis Plastic Surgery today to schedule a complimentary breast enhancement consultation!

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