Labiaplasty Surgery and ThermiVa

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There are some women who dislike a particular appearance or function of their genitalia such that it limits some activities or their choice of clothing. This may be excess and/or atrophy of labial tissue, tears, deflation, asymmetries or generalized saggy and loose tissue. Although there is no magic wand to restore all to perfection, here are some non-surgical options that can improve many of these complaints and concerns.  

ThermiVa Non-Surgical Treatment   

ThermiVa treatments are non-surgical applications of painless high frequency radio waves to reduce long labial minora, increase vaginal tightening, decrease urine leakage, and treat dry mucosal atrophy. The radio frequency treatment warms the tissue and causes a change in the collagen, which is the structural element of the tissue. The altered collagen is replaced by new collagen over a period of 1-2 months. This refurbished collagen tightens the tissue. Three or more treatments may be needed for full results. This is a 30 minute walk in and walk out procedure where no anesthetic is required and there is no 'down time' nor post-procedure restrictions. Normal activities may be resumed immediately. View this link to see how this is done:

The Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty surgically restructures the labia minora and/or the labia majora of the female genitalia. This surgical procedure requires local or general anesthetic and may take 1 to 2 hours.  There are post-operative activity restrictions that require rest and reduced physical activity including exercise, swimming and stretching. Furthermore, patients must consider taking time off work as bleeding, swelling, and pain can be uncomfortable. Post-operative care and cleaning is critical to ensuring optimal results. Compared to the non-surgical treatment, called ThermiVa, the pain and risks are higher. However, the results are more pronounced, quick to see, and last longer. 

Labiaplasty has two common methods. The older method is amputation of the labia along the edge of the vulva (see Figure 1.).  This method has a lower complication rate yet removes tissue that is rich in sensation and does not tighten the vaginal introitus (opening of the vaginal canal). The alternative method involves a wedge excision of the most prominent portion of the labia (see Figure 2.).  Compared to the traditional method, this process leaves more sensitive labial tissue and provides partial vaginal introitus tightening. However, it has a higher complication rate which is most commonly bleeding and infection.

During the consultation prior to Surgery, Dr. Thompson advises the best course of action based on the information and desires that the patient presents. It is important for patients to voice their questions and desires because Dr. Thompson assesses each patient as an individual in a professional and matter of fact fashion. 

The Labiaplasty Candidate

Some women are interested in this procedure while others are comfortable with not having surgery. We want each patient to be comfortable and confident in her own decision. The ideal candidate for labiaplasty at our Kansas City practice should identify with at least some of the following:

  • Your inner labial lips hang below your outer labial lips
  • Your outer labial lips seem excessively large
  • You experience discomfort during sexual intercourse from pulling
  • You have issues with labial hygiene or excess moisture
  • You lack confidence in wearing certain clothes
  • You experience pain while cycling or horseback riding
  • You believe childbirth adversely impacted the labia

Labiaplasty patients should also be in good physical and emotional health.

Contact Us About Labiaplasty

To find out whether you are a suitable candidate for labiaplasty, or for more information, reach out to the warm staff of Genesis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa. Dr. Thompson will carefully go over every aspect of labiaplasty with you at our Kansas City surgical center. Simply contact Dr. Thompson today to schedule your consultation.

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