Replace Lost Volume for a Youthful Contour Using Fat Transfer

Beautiful blond woman's profileFat transfer, also known as fat grafting, has been used for more than two centuries. The uses and needs for fat transfers are numerable; advances and new techniques are being put into practice continually. At Genesis Plastic Surgery in Kansas City, Missouri, fat transfer is a routine element of our practice. Dr. Frederick Thompson offers many options for those in the Kansas City area who are considering body sculpting through fat transfers.

The following are some possible uses and procedures associated with fat transfer in Kansas City.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfers, or grafts, can be used in a number of procedures targeting various areas of the body, depending on the patient’s desired outcome. Through a process similar to liposuction, excess fat is withdrawn from the patient. Once the patient’s fat has been harvested and prepared by Dr. Thompson, it is injected into the patient at the prescribed location that is lacking or in need of volume. The injections are applied through several layers of skin and muscle, ensuring that the injected fat cells have the best chance of being absorbed in their new location. As with any procedure, results will vary, depending on the surgeon, patient, and several other factors. Every patient’s body absorbs the injected fat differently, making fat transfer more art than science. Fortunately, Dr. Thompson has the artistic eye for detail and finely honed surgical skills to help you achieve the body you envision.

Contact Us About Fat Transfer

If you are considering body sculpting, fat transfer may be right for you. At Genesis Plastic Surgery in Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Thompson strives to deliver the precise cosmetic results that his patients desire. So contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Thompson to discuss the fat transfer procedure in detail and to learn how it can be used to refine and enhance your figure.

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