Create the Curves You Want with Buttock (Gluteal) Enhancement

Female athlete with round backsideFor some who have inherited a family trait of minimal derriere projection and size and wish to have a more striking figure with fuller, rounder, firmer curves they will opt for Gluteal (Buttocks) augmentation. These procedures have become a frequent choice at Genesis Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Frederick Thompson and his staff have ongoing fat graft research and use advanced techniques for gluteal implant placement and fat grafting surgeries. At Genesis Plastic Surgery, located in Kansas City, Missouri area, you are able to achieve the changes and improvements you want in a safe, private, and discreet setting.

Gluteal Augmentation with Fat Grafting

For patients wanting to enhance gluteal shape while trimming their waistline, fat grafting may be the answer. The fat grafting procedure provides dual benefits where an area of excess fat is reduced and the fat is transferred to the deficient buttocks. The excess fat is harvested from areas such as; the abdomen, inner thighs, or hips/lower back with a modified liposuction technique through 5mm incisions. The removed fat is then processed with a Cytori PureGraft® device which removes damaged fat cells, blood, and inflammatory cells and yields healthy fat cells for placement in the buttocks. The fat tissue is placed in the depth of the buttocks to ensure a natural feel and look. Capillaries grow into this grafted fat which allows the fat cells to live decades.

The fat grafting procedure is done under a general anesthetic on an outpatient basis. The grafting success depends on following restrictions during the post-operative weeks.

Gluteal Implants

When there is little fat available for grafting, then a gluteal implant, sometimes combined with fat grafting, will provide the improved buttock shape and size. These implants are placed through an incision between the buttocks, and the available fat is placed around the implants to improve the feel and to help hide the implants.

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