Explore Natural Breast Augmentation Using Fat Grafting

Naked woman holding breastHave you always desired a fuller bust and a smaller waistline? For most women, this probably sounds like a fantasy. However, thanks to fat grafting breast augmentation at our Kansas Citypractice, this fantasy has been turned into a reality. Thanks to Dr. Fredrick Thompson and his team at Genesis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we are able to help our patients achieve the realistic, satisfying results for which they are looking.

The Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation Procedure

Fat grafting breast augmentation can be done for not only cosmetic purposes but also to correct deformities or birth defects. As with normal fat grafting, the initial stage in fat grafting breast augmentation at our Kansas City practice involves a procedure similar to liposuction. The procedure begins with Dr. Thompson removing fat from the desired area of the patient, whether that is the abdomen, hips, or buttocks. The newly harvested fat cells are then refined in a centrifuge and made ready for injection into the patient’s breasts. During a four to five hour procedure, Dr. Thompson injects the syringes of fat into the patient’s breasts. The injections are applied through several layers of breast tissue, ensuring that the injected fat cells have the best chance of being absorbed in their new location. While results, as with any cosmetic procedure, will vary, Dr. Thompson’s adept surgical and artistic abilities ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

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If you have ever desired a fuller bust and a smaller waistline, then fat grafting breast augmentation at our Kansas City practice may be for right you. Dr. Thompson combines his surgical and artistic abilities in an effort to help every patient achieve their aesthetic goals. So if you are in the Kansas City area and considering fat grafting breast augmentation, contact us today at the Genesis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

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